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About Us

FREE LOG HOMES was established with the mission of developing extraordinary Eco Friendly Log & Timber homes that equally served the interests of cottager, consumers & vacationers.
That mission continues to be a driving force through today.  Freeloghomes has always sought out the finest craftsmen, architects, designers, builders and support staff. We use the latest in design technology and green building practices, enabling us to be on the forefront of innovation. Our projects vary from simple to simply spectacular.
We specialize in residential &retirement homes and cottages. 
We also offer commercial building, resort design and development

The “ECO VIRTUAL” concept was employed in our decisions regarding the marketing and demonstration of our products. Rather than utilizing our website as merely an introduction and announcement vehicle and to reduce the amount of printed materials required, we chose to put ALL information on our website – photos, Floorplans, living space sizes in sq ft and sq m, Standard Design Price Lists, etc. We also offer our PDF free downloadable planbook, this eliminated the need to design and print tens of thousands of product brochures (saving the raw materials and energy that would go into producing, processing, and delivering those).
Our customer order processing and communications are accomplished via email and phone contact, using very little paper and minimizing delivery costs (only full-size blueprints, as needed, require paper and mailing resources). Of course, this  is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows us to keep our costs and overhead far below that of competing log home manufacturers. Meaning that our customers receive the highest quality log homes at the lowest possible prices!


  Our goals and visions are to …  

  • Apply high quality construction standards
  • Incorporate innovative building technology
  • Design and build healthy homes and buildings with a low impact to the environment (“Green Architecture ")
  • Offer the highest quality at the best possible investment to the client
  • Maintain a close working relationship with client to ensure the best design

Environmentally Responsible

We at Freeloghomes are committed to the environment. Wood is renewable, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Non-wood products require far more energy to manufacture than wood. The supplies of ores and petroleum for the production of metal and plastic are finite and cause pollution of the air and water, contributing to global warming.  An inch of wood is 15 times as efficient an insulator as concrete, 400 times as efficient as steel and 1770 times as efficient as aluminum. Homes built from wood require far less energy to heat and cool, thus conserving fossil fuels and coal.