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Can I build a log house myself?

If you have the aptitude, time, physical strength, and patience for such a project, then the answer is, “Yes.” But before you embark on such an endeavor, do lots of research. In reality, very few log homes are built by the owners. Unless you have previous building experience, we recommend that you hire an experienced log builder. We maintain a list of experienced log builders and will gladly refer you to one or more of them. Before selecting your builder, insist on inspecting homes he has built and be sure to talk to the occupants.

Why is it necessary to use experienced log builders?

Log construction is different from standard construction. Some tasks require skills not developed by “stick built” contractors, e.g., log wall erection, cutting and setting exposed rafters. Whether by oversight or otherwise, failure to follow recommended practices for log construction can create problems that may never be completely resolved. For example, it is essential that the walls be adequately caulked with a superior grade of caulking and that solid beams be properly secured at both ends. Once the house is finished, it will not be immediately obvious if these and other important steps have been satisfactorily completed.  If an experienced builder is not available, at least contract with one who has an open mind and is willing to listen to those who have experience.

For those of you who are intent on building your own log home or log cabin, we have assembled an in-depth log home construction manual that is available for download at no cost and with no obligation. Even if you are hiring a contractor to build your log home or cabin, it is still a good idea to download this free log home construction manual to give your builder as a reference. At the very least, you can better understand the process involved in constructing a log home.


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