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Design Process

When it comes to designing a log home or log cabin, we encourage creativity! In many years of designing and manufacturing log homes, no two log homes have been exactly the same. Log homes are as unique as the people who design, build and live in them. Most are one-of-a-kind designed to fit the wants and needs of the home's owner.

Here at FREELOGHOMES.COM we generally start out the design process based loosely upon one of our popular standard home plans (though we can work with anyone’s rough plans – we’ve even designed log homes from plans that started out as a rough sketch on a napkin).

Many clients choose to incorporate components that they have dreamed up or may have seen elsewhere.  Our Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) operators will work to create a unique house you can truly call home.

The Custom Design process  starts by speaking with one of our Loghome sales associates to choose the size, style and layout you like best.  We will then take all of these specifications to produce estimated cost of the package.  With a small deposit, the first step is a preliminary drawing that you can then alter.  The preliminary drawings include different elevation views, floor plan(s) and even your kitchen and bath layouts.

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