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Dundalk Ontario



Completing LOCK UP

Parging Completed, Skirting Commences  / View from Upper Covered Porch

Windows and Patio Doors Installed / Soffit Completed on Back Gable

Basement Floor Complete / Patio Doors Installed

 Gable's Prepared for installation of Log Siding, Upper Porch Deck & Liner Installed

Gable Framing Completed / Lower Decking Installed

Matching Pine Soffit with Venting Completed

Roof  Sheeting, Vents, Ridge Cap & Shingles Completed

Roof Shingle Commences

Attic Truss System Completed - Ready for Sheeting

Backfill & Back Deck Commences

  Log Construction Completed

Log Installation Commences

8"x8" D White Pine on Sub Floor Ready for Installation

Porch Sauna Tubes Completed for Deck and Covered Porch

Sill Gasket, Sill Plate, 2x10 Floor Joist 12" O/C with 3/4" T&G DryGuard Sheeting

Delta Wrap Completed on Basement

Basement Block Completed with Anchor Bolts Installed

Basement Block Progress

Starter Course of Block Completed

Stone Base/ Block Commences

Footings Completed