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Garage Material Kit

  Standard Garage Material Packages

A) Exterior walls are 2”x6” KD studs @16”o/c with sill gasket and Pressure treated single bottom plate and double top plate, with 2”x8” double &OSB nail laminated headers for windows and single entry doors. Laminated LVL Beams for headers over Garage door openings.  7/16" Exterior sheathing on walls with typar house-wrap,  random length Log Look Siding (Optional Full Faux Corners Extra).

B) Wood Clad Insulated Low E double-hung, and screens (where applicable)

C) Steel insulated exterior doors with Schlage Lock-set ( Single entry doors) **

D) 2x4 and 2x6 Interior partition framing, with shoes and plates, 2x8 interior header materials

E) Floor system with  5/8" x 4'x8' T&G ThruFloor locking panels  for 1-1/2 models with paint grade SPF stair system as per design

F) Gable end truss or framing per plan

G) 1/2"  sheathing, matching log siding for gable ends, dormers,  second story walls

H) Conventional Prefabricated roof trusses system standard of 45 LB snow load per design for single level garages.  Rafter Roof System or Truss System for 1 1/2 story garage packages

I) 1/2" roof
 sheathing with H Clips

J) 15 LB Asphalt impregnated felt for entire roof

) 35 year warranty self sealing roof shingles

L)  Barge rafter and gable end overhang (12" standard)

M)  Pine or Cedar Fascia and Pine or Cedar soffit with vent system (color choices)

N) 12"-16" standard eave overhang

O) Roof vent system as required

Additional Features
* Urethane foam for windows, and doors (not visible)
* All required nails and fasteners
* 4 sets of Final Blueprints (BCIN Stamped Ontario)
                                                 * Step flashing for dormers

                                              ** NO OVERHEAD Doors in package