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If you know you want to purchase a FLH log or timber home 

Ready to lock in the purchase price
Our Layaway Plan may be the best solution for you.
Here’s how our Layaway Plan works:
We offer the easiest way in the industry to purchase a log home or log cabin. Our log home packages can be secured with as little as a 10% deposit under our 36-month Lay-A-Way agreement. Your deposit protects the terms of the agreement and freezes your Freeloghomes materials at current prices. This program provides you the option of receiving your delivery anytime up to three years from the date of order.

Advantages of our Layaway Deposit

  • The 36-Month Lay-A-Way** protects the terms of the promotion selected of available log home packages.Freezes your purchase price and protects against future price increases for up to 3 years by placing an additional 5% deposit at the end of the first and second year.
  • Provides you the option of taking delivery anytime up to 3 years from the order date of your log cabin kit. However, requires a minimum of 60 days notice before delivery date.
  • Purchaser may make design changes or change
  • Allows you to receive your preliminary blueprints to begin planning, changes and mortgage loans, etc.

The importance of this program to you as a future log or timber home owner is that log and timber home prices tend to increase 5-10% each year. Use of our no interest, Layaway Plan for 36 months could save you a substantial amount of money in the future.
** Minimum $50,000.00  net package (tax and shipping costs not included)

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