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Our  is one of the most complete available anywhere!
 This is done to save you time, to save you money and to assure you that the same high standards of quality are evident all through your home.  
More added value products with our

                        Silver Material Specifications


1. Pressure treated sill plate and sill sealer for perimeter foundation

2. 2x8, 2x10,2x12 Conventional first floor framing with solid bridging as per design

3. 3/4"x 4'x'8' T&G Thru Floor (200 Day NO Sand)  locking panels with construction adhesive and screws

4. Log skirting and trim boards

5. Track & Lock Logs, SINGLE OR DOUBLE T&G (Standard Profiles Only) choice of White Cedar or White Pine (choice of styles and sizes)  

6. Window and door buck lumber and window extension jambs

7. Wood Clad Insulated Low E double-hung, awning, angle bay, casement, cottage and special fixed glass windows per plan with screens (where applicable)

8. Steel insulated exterior doors (8 styles to choose from) with  Lockset

9. 2x4 and 2x6 Interior partition framing, with shoes and plates, 2x8 interior header materials

10. Second floor system with 3/4" T&G ThruFloor locking panels for 1-1/2" and 2 story models, with stairs and rail system (paint grade)

11. Gable end truss or framing per plan

12. 7/16" wallboard sheathing, matching log siding for gable ends, dormers, and second story walls

13. Prefabricated wood roof trusses or conventionally framed 2 x 12 rafter roof system per design

14. 1/2" roof sheathing with H Clips, 2x12 collar ties or LVL ridge beam as per plan

15. 15 LB Asphalt impregnated felt

16. Limited Lifetime Warranty plus self sealing roof shingles

17. Barge rafter and gable end overhang (12" standard)

18.  Fascia  with Pine or Cedar soffit with vent strips (Pine with Pine Logs and Cedar with Cedar Logs)

19. 12"-16" standard eave overhang

20. Roof vent system as required

21. Porch posts with complete rail system, Newels, Handrails, Balusters as required

22. Porch carry beams, roofing per plan, porch rafters, V-Joint T&G Grove for Porch Ceilings

23. Pressure treated frame & joist hangers with 5/4" x 6" ease edge decking

                                               Additional Features

* Drip Edge and Gutter Apron (not visible)

* Urethane foam for corners, windows, and doors (not visible)

* All required nails, Log Hogs, and fasteners

* Double row of  Emseal Gaskets

* Acrylic sealant as needed

* Wood dowels for vertical joints and corners

* Illustrated Construction Manual

* 4 sets of Final Blueprints

* Step flashing for dormers (not visible)

High altitude, Seismic, Hurricane, Nordic, Tropical and other extreme weather building specifications are available as an upgrade.

Pre Cut Packages in Staging Area

Shell Package Erection Labour Services Provided  

NOTE: Shell package erection services not available in all regions


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