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Northern White Cedar
Natural Ability to Resist Moisture, Insects, and Decay 

Low in Moisture 
Northern white cedar inherently has very low moisture content, so once it is air dried; it becomes even more solid and sturdy, creating for you a stable and strong home. Northern white cedar will also resist the common problems associated with moisture accumulation in weaker types of wood, problems such as splitting and cracking. 

Many other types of wood must undergo additional kiln drying because of their high levels of natural moisture. Because northern white cedar is not prone to absorbing moisture, it does not have to be specially treated.

Resists Insects 
Like the natural oil on your fingertips, northern white cedar has a natural oil emitted from it. These oils (called thujaplicins) are natural insect repellents. Pesky bugs such as beetles, ants, and carpenter bees go out of their way to avoid northern white cedar.

Resists Decay 
Remember those oils that resist bugs? The same oils resist the detrimental effects of rot and decay. Dont you wish our own bodies had a natural preservative like that? Because those oils help the wood to resist moisture so well, they are less likely to decay over time. If you want a log home that is durable, northern white cedar is the way to go. The logs can be maintained for over 100 years. 

Northern white cedar is recommended for protecting the interior of a home, according to the Wood Handbook issued by the US Agriculture. Its ability to resist insect penetration and decay, its like getting an extra layer of insulation without paying for it. Not only will this protect your home, but it also helps retain the heat in the cold winter months in the northern climates. Northern white Cedar's  ability to fight moisture also makes it great for building in the southern climates as well. 

The Rich Color 

Northern white cedar is as visually appealing as it is durable, stable, and sturdy. Its rich, honey color will enhance the beauty of your home with natural elegance and charm.  When deciding what materials to build your home from, consider building from northern white cedar. Its ability to resist moisture, insects, and decay makes it one of  the best type of wood from which to build your home.