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Overview About Us

FLH (FREELOGHOMES) is a Canadian Global Timber Company formed in 2008.

FLH's head office's are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Regional office in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
European operations has offices in Cork County, Ireland.

FLH has a network of dealers and partners in 7 countries and is projected to expand into 2 new global marketplace in 2016/17

FLH' s operations include the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of log & timber house packages, wood-based value-added products
and a wholesale lumber division.

FLH' s vision is to create a globally competitive timber home and building company. An important step towards this goal is the diversification of local distribution on all continents and regions worldwide.

FLH' s mission is to optimize the forest-land through certified and sustainable forest management groups and practices that will ensure a lasting supply of wood for future generations.

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