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Rails & Stairs

All Rail-KITS are pre-drilled for easy assembly. You can have your rail system partially assembled so you only need to attach Newel posts for a small assembly charge. Assembly instructions are included with shipped items. Note: Stair handrails do not come pre-drilled, they are measured and assembled on site.  We offer a choice of Northern White Pine or Northern White Cedar.

Classic Colonial
Create the open, elegant look of sophisticated rural life with our classic colonial rail design. You can top the posts with our classic newel cap for a more formal appearance, or add a 2x6 cedar handrail for a different decorative variation.

The Muskoka with HandRail
By adding a cedar hand rail to this versatile and unique system, you change the look of the Muskoka rail system at a minimum cost. Our proprietary newel posts will set your rail apart from the standard 4x4 posts that your neighbors display on their decks and porches.

Muskoka Railing w Caps

The Muskoka One of FLH's most popular style rail systens. It is easy to install and comes in standard sizes; FLH also offers pre-assembled standard sections. Our machined Top and Bottom rails and balusters offer clean lines. This system is interchangeable with all our other Cedar rail systems.

The Forester Round
The Custom style Forester offers a truly unique colonial look. Simple lines and easy construction allow this style rail to fit any style home. This rail system is versatile whether you use our classic round top & bottom cedar rail or square top & bottom rails This simple and beautiful system will add just the right touch of class and individuality to your home.

The Forester Square
In the true tradition of the historic Great Lakes region, this custom style rail system offers a unique traditional look. Made from local Northern White Cedar or White Pine this versatile rail system offers interchangeable designs that complement any home. The 6x6 cedar newel posts and 3x3 top and bottom rails go well with Timber frame as well as traditional colonial style homes.

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